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It seems like lately I haven't had time for really much of anything. It all seems taken up in work, working out, commuting and dealing with the dog. I don't know if this is a complaint or just an observation. Because I guess the issue is I have less free time, in otherwords time when I don't have anything planned. This isn't actually a bad thing since part of the reason I have less free time is that I've got more of a social life going on so I'm making plans to see people plus I've had more luck with modeling and comedy and all that stuff lately. Add in trying to finish a script and get a movie pulled together and well... there you have it. Guess I'm just not used to being this busy and it takes some adjusting.

Since I brought up comedy my performance on Thursday went alright. It wasn't bad but I consider it a learning experience overall. Among other things I had to compete with the baseball game that was playing on the tv. Knowing that a good portion of the audience wasn't really paying me any mind sort of threw me off a little and I feel like I rushed through my set just to be done. It's something I should get used to though because until I start playing actual comedy clubs as opposed to just your neighborhood bars then the audience isn't necesarily there to see me and I'll have to work for their attention and be prepared to be ignored. It wasn't too bad though and I look forward to doing it again. Unfortunately I don't know when that's going to be since the place I've been performing at is moving it's comedy night to Monday (yeah just like everybody else), one of the two nights I work at the club. So I'm back to square one as far as finding places to perform.

Oh well, so it goes.

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